Import and Export/Countertrade Read Closing Case: Exporting and Growth for Small Business at the end of Chapter 15 and write a three- to four-page paper, excluding the title and reference pages, with a detailed analysis that answers the following: Examine      the main benefits of exporting products for companies like Morgan and      Wadia. Present examples of the benefits. Explain      the sustainability of a company like Morgan Motors if it neither exported      nor imported products. Give      examples of impediments to exporting success for companies such as Morgan      and Wadia, and assess which steps these companies can take to improve      their probability of succeeding in export markets. Explain      the legitimacy for local and national government agencies to use taxpayer      money to assist small companies in the effort to export. Determine how      taxpayer money can help local economies. In addition to the required text, provide at least one additional scholarly source to support your point.

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