Fall 2018
BUA 350 00 2 –Leadership
“Mid-term” Exam
For this exam please refer to the following resources:

Rupert Murdoch: The Phone Scandal
Page 24, Table 1.1 The Five Practices and Ten Commitments of Exemplary Leadership
Page 30, Table 1.2 Characteristics of Admired Leaders

Part One: Using the components of Table 1.1, please provide an assessment of Rupert Murdoch as a
leader and his level of success in each practice, providing examples from the case which confirm your

Part Two: Please refer to page 30, Table 1.2. For each Practice, please provide one applicable
characteristic which exemplifies your assessment of Mr. Murdoch. If it’s a negative characteristic,
merely amend the positive to create a negative (eg, honest then becomes dishonest). Each Practice
requires a DIFFERENT characteristic.

Please use the same format as Table 1.1 and merely provide the characteristic from the 2

column of each
. Example:
A. Model the Way
1. Clarify values – advise whether or not Mr. Rupert met this leadership commitment and
provide examples to support your point
2. Set the example – advise same as above

: Honest
B. Inspire a Shared Vision – use same format as above
C. Challenge…
D. Enable…
E. Encourage…

Hello The table you need for the mid-term is in the workbook page 18.

Find examples in the case for each issue and explain why it is an issue,

etc. You should write:
Model the Way
1. clarify value…& give example from case and explain

set example…did Murdoch set positive or negative example and provide

an instance from the case; explain why you believe is poditive or

negative example

Inspire a Shared Vision
3. Envision future -follow same format as you did for Model the Way

Does that explain what I’m looking for, yes?

This is the instructions from the professor

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