Question 1 (5 points) When a culture is high in uncertainty avoidance, people are likely to: Question 1 options: search for absolute   truths. expect their leaders to allow   participation. rely on their community for   information. have a short term orientation. Save Question 2 (5 points) The three key elements of leadership effectiveness are: Question 2 options: goal achievement,   smooth internal processes, external adaptability. follower satisfaction, leader   control, empowerment. goal achievement, stock prices,   customer satisfaction. flexibility, follower   satisfaction, stakeholder satisfaction. Save Question 3 (5 points) __________ is the degree to which a culture values fairness, generosity, caring and kindness. Question 3 options: Uncertainty avoidance Humane orientation In-group collectivism Future orientation Save Question 4 (5 points) National organizational heritage refers to: Question 4 options: the wealth of each organization. the culture of different   organizations. the management   styles based on national cultures. organizational events that shape   national culture. Save Question 5 (5 points) Determining span of control, reporting relationships, and degree of formalization and specialization are all elements of which function of how leaders shape organizational culture? Question 5 options: developing   strategies and structures influencing hiring decisions creating effective reward systems role modeling Save Question 6 (5 points) The key argument against the impact of leadership centers around the idea that: Question 6 options: most leaders are simply not   effective. social and   environmental factors affect organizations more than leaders. culture and organizational   rigidity do not allow leaders to make their mark. other managers impact   organizations as much as leaders. Save Question 7 (5 points) Vertical/horizontal dimension impacts leadership because: Question 7 options: it deals with people. it relates to how rules are used. it focuses on how leaders use   participation in their culture. it affects views of   hierarchy and equality. Save Question 8 (5 points) According to research by Mintzberg, the job of a manager is characterized by: Question 8 options: many cultural encounters. a wide variety of tasks   and many interruptions. a series of well-defined   activities that start with planning and end in controlling. political activities that are   essential to being effective. Save Question 9 (5 points) Leadership and management become more closely similar when considering the issue of: Question 9 options: effectiveness and competence. national and organizational   culture. individual traits. organizational performance. Save Question 10 (5 points) In the United States there is a ‘population hourglass’ whereby the largest percentage of the population is older baby boomers, the millennial generation is at the bottom and generation Xers are in the middle. The challenges arising from issues regarding the differences in these age groups represents which major factor fueling organizational change and their leaders? Question 10 options: increased globalization employee expectations political changes demographic changes Save Question 11 (5 points) Individualistic cultures tend to: Question 11 options: expect people to conform to social   norms before they become independent. emphasize performance over social   support. focus on individual   achievement. value material goods. Save Question 12 (5 points) Leaders from individualistic cultures would best be characterized by: Question 12 options: engaging in team-oriented   activities. seeking recognition. demonstrating high levels of   participation behaviors. employing supportive leader   behaviors. Save Question 13 (5 points) Which of the items is one of Hofstede’s five dimensions of culture? Question 13 options: Power distance Egalitarian High context Performance orientation Save Question 14 (5 points) Which of the following statements is tru…

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