These young people were brought here by their parents or were born here to illegal immigrant parents.

They had no part in the journey. Many of them have completed their high school education with high marks and the possibility of attending college.

President Trump has said it will end , but will discuss it again in six months. Find some information on this situation and comment.

*Please write 120 words at least about the above one as ur opinion

* Also, Please write two comments about my classmates

*The first comment is to . Jared Arthur

I have been following this issue since President Trump announced the rescinding of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, not only for its controversial nature but because of the lasting effects this change could have on the American economy and government system. As of September 5th 2017 the DACA program is not available for new recipients and for present recipients their deferred action remains active until it expires with two years as a maximum. Congress has been been given six months to form legislature to protect these students. The public school system has already invested in the education of these individuals and who are now entering the workforce with work permits through DACA. These students are finally contributing to the economy, paying taxes that go to reducing social security and Medicare deficits but now facing risk of deportation. This is very economically counterproductive. I believe that U.S. has more to benefit from keeping these 800,000 educated individuals and finding a way to support their naturalization than to risk placing these individuals in hardship back in their home country at tax payers’ cost. Trump should not have phased out DACA without first placing into effect a contingency plan for the students affected. In favor of creating a better program to replace DACA, my opinion would be to create a program that works much like naturalization through the military. Completion of a contract of active duty service or an educational degree would determine your eligibility for citizenship. A clear goal with a clear purpose.

The second comment is to Monica Lieving

Before President Trump abolished DACA, many Americans probably didn’t know what it was. I will admit I didn’t know much about it. However, I can say that abolishing DACA is not in our country’s best interest. Sending these people off to their native countries where most will face dangerous conditions is cruel. These people are educated individuals, and the U.S. tax payers will only suffer more.

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