Guided Project 7-2 In this project, you complete the purchase order for Blue Lake Sports by adding a data validation list and check box form controls. You protect the sheet and the workbook, save it as a template, and share it for testing. File Needed: BlueLakeSports-07.xlsx (Student data files are available in the Library of your SIMnet account) Completed Project File Names: [your initials] Excel 7-2Template.xltx, [your initials] Excel 7-2User1.xlsx, [your initials] Excel 7-2User2.xlsx , and [your initials] Excel 7-2Merged.xlsx Skills Covered in this Project Set data validation to use a list. Use an error alert for data validation. Insert a check box form control. Unlock worksheet cells and protect a worksheet. Save a workbook as a template. Create a new workbook from a template. Share a workbook and track changes. Accept or reject changes. Open the BlueLakeSports-07 workbook from your student data files. Save the workbook as a template. Click the Save As button [ File tab] and choose This PC . Click the More Options link. Type the file name [your initials] Excel 7-2Template in the File name box. Verify that the Save Thumbnail box is selected or select it. Choose Excel Template from the Save as type drop-down box. Click Save . Set data validation with an error alert to use a list. Click the Purchase Order sheet tab, select B17 , and click the Data Validation button [ Data tab, Data Tools group]. Click the Allow arrow and choose List on the Settings tab. Click the Source entry box. Click the Departments worksheet tab and select cells A2:A14 . Click the Error Alert tab. Verify that the Show error alert after invalid data is entered box is selected. Use Stop for the Style to prohibit an invalid entry. Click the Title box and type Wait! . Click the Error message box and type Please choose from the list. Click OK . Display the Developer tab and the Compare and Merge Workbooks button. Select the Options command [ File tab] and click Customize Ribbon in the left pane. Select the Developer box in the Main Tabs group. Click Quick Access Toolbar in the left pane. Choose All Commands from the Choose commands from list. Click Compare and Merge Workbooks in the commands list. Click Add and click OK . Insert a check box form control. Click the View tab and check the Gridlines box in the Show group to draw and position controls with gridlines visible. Click the Insert Controls button [ Developer tab, Controls group] and click the Check Box (Form Control) button. Draw a control directly over cell B15 . page E7-476Click the Properties button [ Developer tab, Controls group]. Verify that the Unchecked radio button is selected on the Control tab. Select the 3-D shading box. Click the Protection tab and deselect the Locked box. Click OK . Click two times near the word “Check” with the control to place an insertion point. Delete Check Box 1 , press Spacebar , and type Yes Click cell E15 to deselect the control. If you accidentally placed a check mark within the control, point and click to remove it. Copy a check box form control. Point to the check box control label Yes and right-click. Choose Copy from the menu and then press Ctrl+V to paste the control. Point to any border of the copied control to display a move pointer. Drag the copy to cell C15 . Press Ctrl and right-click while pointing to the first check box control to select both controls ( Figure 7-65 ). 7-65 Two controls selected Click the Align button [ Drawing Tools Format tab, Arrange group] and choose Align Middle . Select cell E15 to deselect both controls. Right-click the copied control and choose Edit Text to place an insertion point. Delete Yes and type No ( Figure 7-66 ). 7-66 Controls are aligned Select cell E15 . Remove check marks that were accidentally entered. Protect the worksheet and the workbook structure. Select D7 . Press Ctrl and select cell D9 , cells B11:D13 , cell B17 , and cells A20:D28 . Click the Format button [ Home tab, Cells group]. Select Lock C…

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