Topic Title: “Improving business decisions using big data and data analytics” (take examples of any two business decisions, write the total paper about the topic)

Introduction and Methodology – Use the appropriate template and only submit the portion of the template that services the assignment.

1. Introduction

  • What is the situation/problem is that you intend to improve? (usually 2-3 pages).
  • An overview of the situation or organization
  • Clearly defined problem using a problem statement
  • Describe and define the anticipated research approach or strategy and how this approach is appropriate for your research

2. Methodology

Methodology is a research paper about Action Research, 3-4 pages (include reasons and justification for approach), use one action research diagram.

The paper should contain at least 7-8 pages of content not count title page, table page and a reference page.

Paper Requirements:

* Table of contents, Introduction, conclusion and sub headings are mandatory

* APA Format should follow all APA rules (citations, quotations, references)

* Follow Template

* No Plagiarism

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