The objective is to present a Bid Response Proposal that provides a security solution for any business process of your choice. The financial business has 60 employees and is struggling with security issues both internal and external. Employees use laptops and have remote access to the office systems. Your Bid Response needs to be a turnkey solution that will provide a solution to but not limited to the following problems (so be creative): 1) Equipment is disappearing 2) No building or computer room security. 3) No policies (AUP) 4) No virus protection and experiencing viruses daily 5) No intrusion detection and experiencing intrusions daily 6) Passwords compromised 7) There is an Internet connection but no protection and content filtering 8) Sensitive information is being copied from systems 9) If a disaster should happen to the building there are no plans to recover Minimum topics to be included in your Bid Response Proposal are the following: Deliver      a Bid Response Proposal to provide a business security solution to      prevent malicious or unauthorized use of digital assets Create      and implement effective policies to mitigate risks Deliver      a detailed list of security products and pricing Provide      safeguards for the information assets Format: Format for the project should be a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation with a budget sheet. Resources: Security Handout (68 security products)

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