NAME _____________________  (317 points possible)  earned ________ Page 1 Basic Aviation Cross ? Country Planning Assignment Due date May 6, 2021 Objective:  Plan a cross-country flight in a Cessna 172 from Will Rogers Airport (OKC) in Oklahoma City to Cox Airport at Paris, Texas (PRX) to Addison Airport (ADS) at Dallas, Texas.  Use pre-flight planning resources available within to ensure that the flights can be conducted safely and legally.  Departure date 4/7/21. GIVEN: Use Dallas-Ft. Worth sectional chart OKC departure time — 1900Z True Airspeed (TAS) — 110 kts Distances — measure in nautical miles Fuel Consumption — 11.0 gallons per hour Pilot — (name – Ace) 190 lbs. Private pilot 17 years old Passenger — (name – Joker) 150 lbs. Student pilot 16 years old Luggage — 20 lbs. Aircraft empty weight — 1350 lbs. & Moment 51.5 Fuel Tanks Full – (48 gal)  (Min. octane – 100)  12/7/19 at 1830Z Cessna 172 — single-engine, 150 hp, fixed pitch prop, flaps, non-retracting gear What is the youngest legal age Ace (as PIC) could be on this x-country? ___________ The minimum medical certificate required for Ace is a _____________ Class. What telephone number will Ace use to call for a Flight Service Station briefing? ___  _____  ______  _________ When Ace received an initial FSS briefing more than six hours prior to departure, he requested an ________ briefing.  A complete briefing an hour before the proposed departure is a _________briefing.  Another call to the FSS just minutes prior to the flight for a specific segment is referred to as an ___________ briefing. A Special VFR Clearance can be requested by Ace at night.  T  F Ace’s proposed departure time from OKC is 1900Z, convert that to local time. _________ central standard time _______ 24-hour clock time TFR stands for _____________  ____________  ___________ Can Ace knowingly violate a FAR during an emergency?  Yes  No Find weather surface observations ( METAR ) to determine if the airports Page 2 are currently reporting VFR conditions. What are the cloud base(AGL), visibility(SM ) and visibility restriction at: OKC  — PRX  — ADS  — METAR KOKC 301245Z  28009KT / 17SM / SKC / 27/11 / A2970 METAR KPRX  301245Z  21012KT / 3SM BR/ FEW 004  SCT120 / 27/11 / A2968 METAR KADS  301246Z  18011G25 / 5SM -RA / BKN11 / 28/24 / A2974 Based on these METARs, do VFR conditions exist ?  Y  N  (circle one) PILOT REPORTS (PIREP) (UA)  OKC UA /OV OKC/ TM 1917/ FL 045/ TP C172/ TA 11/ WV 18037/ TB Occasional moderate turbulence surface to 50.  Smooth above. 1.  What kind of turbulence might Ace expect while departing OKC to PRX?  __________________ 2.  Ace may have to slow the airplane to what V-speed? _______________ 3.  Why? 4.  If Ace encountered severe turbulence, which flight condition should he attempt to maintain?  _______________________ 5.  Determine the following from the PIREP above: Altitude – _____________  Type of aircraft – _____________ Temperature – _________    Winds aloft – _____________ Location – ____________   Time – ___________ 6.  When unforecasted adverse weather is experienced during flight, it is recommended to advise the FSS with a Pilot Report (PIREP).  T  F 7.  A PIREP can be transmitted to a FSS over a communication radio.  T  F 8.  A PIREP is a portion of a FSS preflight briefing.  T  F If the rotating beacon is in operation at ADS (1) what colors will be observed …and (2) it indicates what during daylight hours? Forecasted winds/temperature aloft (FD) Page 3 (Do not interpolate  —  use nearest forecast altitude) FT 3000 6000 9000 12000 OKC 0608  2012+17  2337+02  3337-04 On the sectional map draw true course lines, determine distances, and find magnetic variation.  Then decode forecasted winds aloft and use OKC (FD) for all leg segments . First leg >> OKC to PRX >> altitude — 13,500 ft. Distance ________nm  True Course (TC)  ____________ degrees FD_________  degrees  ________  kts  Ground speed (GS) ________  kts Wind correction angle (WCA) ___…

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