Based on the Getta Byte team the stakeholder management and communication plans development, complete the files linked below with your recommendations.

  • Add frequency and methods of communication to the Stakeholder Management Plan.
  • Add additional forms of communication to specific stakeholders to the Communication Plan



Before we get started, we need to know who our stakeholder are?

I thought stakeholders where vampire Hunters. haha…. get it?

Very funny

A stakeholder is anyone who is impacted, positively or negatively. By the project

The most important group our customers are stakeholders you put a graph

The CEO, CFO An accounts payable are all stakeholders

The team, all of us, our stakeholders

The billing stuff and accounting are all stakeholders

The sales team are definitely stakeholders. Their commissions depend on billing

Perfect coma let’s take a look at all the stakeholder management plan

Now, we are going to have to refine it so we can use it to make communication management decisions

No, for our communication plan

I know how to do that. I talk all the time

That’s not exactly it. We have to decide what kind of communication we are going to use, how often and who are audience will be

We can use our stakeholder management plan to make decisions about communication periods I have already taken a stab at it. What do you think?

Well, that’s it. We have a charter, scope, schedule, risk management plan, stakeholder management and communication plans

Finally !!!

The End

i Have submitted all Information

|I MGMT404 Stakeholder_Management Template Microsoft Excel non-commercial use File Home Insert Page Layout Formulas Data Revi

MGMT404 Communication_Matrix Template Microsoft Excel non-commercial use File Home Insert Page Layout Formulas Data Review Vi

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