Automation is part of the operational business processes which are the daily routines that a company uses to operate efficiently. Companies use automation to help streamline these activities through computer systems to help track some of the processes to increase speed and efficiency at which they are completed. A good example of this is instead of my coworkers and I filling out a paper vacation schedule for the year to turn into our timekeeper, we now enter our desired vacation time into a system called PATS that tracks our vacation schedule and used vacation time for us. Streamlining is part of the managerial business processes that are not routine but are addressed at different timelines through the year such as sales strategies and the allocation of resources. The process of streamlining is when steps are taken to reduce the number of steps in a process such as these in order to make these operations operate more efficiently. Streamlining of these process and reducing steps makes the daily routines that are automated to function more efficiently. Finally, reengineering is part of the strategic business processes which include the long term functions of a company such as financial planning and stakeholder interactions. Companies choose to reengineer some of their operations to help them keep up in the changing market to continue competing or to give them a competitive edge. An example of this would be how Walmart saw what a threat that Amazon was to their business with home delivery, so Walmart began offering home delivery options through their website as well as purchasing online and picking up in store the same day to compete.


VASILE, E., & SIMION, D.-O. (2019). The Management Information Systems Reengineering through Economic Applications. Internal Auditing & Risk Management, 14(1), 9–22. Retrieved from…

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