I need it 10 slides. included video and pic

Plz for each slide put a note for what i will present

sample voc

The use of computer assisted systems is a major step towards improving the safety and performance of vehicles. This paper investigates one aspect of system design, the braking system. The design exercise is based upon a simulation of a cars braking system enables several alternative control strategies to be assessed. The findings illustrate the problems involved and the opportunities available for the application of an ‘intelligent’ control strategy.

The recent developments in the new generation of sensor rich, distributed autonomous control technology has had a profound effect on the design of modern automotive vehicles. In particular, the intelligence afforded by robust embedded microelectronics throughout the vehicle together with the communications network typologies have resulted in control systems which greatly enhance the vehicle performance covering aspects such as safety, passenger comfort and environmental impact, to name but a few. In addition, an improved understanding of vehicle performance can be gained from the development of software simulation techniques which employ a range of system dynamic models, with the aim of achieving improved vehicle control strategies.

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