Topic Proposal

You have to submit a fictitious company name, as well as the type of business they conduct. In addition, you chose five items from the optional audit list below to include as part of your topic approval for this organization:

  1. Operates within a Microsoft Windows environment
  2. Houses a data center
  3. Completed a Disaster Preparedness Plan
  4. UsesUse a web server
  5. Employs a database
  6. The private network contains a wireless network segment
  7. Utilizes at least one instance of a virtual server
  8. Makes use of the cloud for a business process of your choice (storage, software as a service, etc.)

Proposal Outline
finalize and submit proposal outline identifying the areas on which you will need needed to focus. Your audit will include entity level controls, such as asset management, policies, standards and procedures, as well as employee management. Most organizations require the use of specific hardware, including switches, a firewall, and of course data storage. These areas should also be included in your audit proposal. Lastly, the five audit option items you selected as part of your topic proposal will make up the rest of your outline. Remember to use the audit outline located on page 13 of the textbook as a guide to help you formulate the proposal and steps within it to complete a successful IT audit.

Completed Project Due
Your well written 10- to 12-page proposal describing your informal audit, based upon your topic proposal and outline, will be completed and submitted by the end of Week 8. Your paper must be formatted according to APA Requirements, with any sources cited properly.


1. No Plagiarism, policy is strict

2. This requirement is for the entire project, where you need to complete all 3 sections.

3. Need to have inline citations for all the references used in APA format and the requirements needs to be addressed.

4. Text book is uploaded for the reference.

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