A student named Nate Dowdy created this business plan on powerpoint.

Create a 5 to 10 minute audio recording of yourself critiquing this business plan. You should give both pros and cons. Give your opinions on what you think about his ideas. State positives about what you like about this business idea. Also give recommendations on what you would do differently.

I am the professor of this class, so I need you to give this student Nate Dowdy a lot of feedback to help him for the future. I am on vacation so I do not have time for this. I really need you to find his strengths and weaknesses.

If you were doing a project like this, would you make an idea like this? Why or why no? If no, what makes this product more inefficient compared to some other products?

Make sure that when you review his assignment you are making an AUDIO RECORDING. 5 to 10 minutes long. My student is aware I have some random people who will critique him.

His assignment is attached below.

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