1. 20% – Does TCL need a second home market? How does expansion into new geographies add value? What did it learn from the Neotel experience? 2. 20% – Is Russia a suitable home market for TCL? How does it compare with other emerging market options? 3. 20% – What are the various entry options for a market like Russia? Compare and contrast acquisitions with alliances as well as with organic/ own play. 4. 20% – Evaluate Pascal as an appropriate entry vehicle into Russia. What are its strengths and weaknesses? 5. 20% – What challenges or risks would TCL face if it acquired Pascal? 100% Total 6. Bonus Points (10%) If TCL were to decide to pursue an investment in Pascal, what should be the valuation? Please state your assumptions. Instructions: 1. Use the IRAC method 2. Each question must be no less than 800 words, double spaced. 3. Word count must be stated. 4. Pages must be numbered. 5. Table of Contents page with the question number and its corresponding page. Use a new page for each question

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