You own “XYZ” (a name of your choice) Consulting Firm. Your firm provides computer consulting, installation, repair and maintenance to all types of customers from all walks of life. Your firms motto is “From one individual, to a mom and pop all the way to the Fortune 500 we are here to help YOU with your computer needs!” (you can change but remember from one to many you will serve) You have been asked in your scenario to help them with the purchase or build of a computer or computers. The scenario is just a starting point…use your imagination and elaborate on the scenario. You will need to compare and contrast 3 types of computer systems. Below is the breakdown of the types of computers: 1 – complete system (ex: Dell Inspiron 19.5″ Portable Touchscreen All-in-One; HP All-in One 19.45″ AMD E1 Series) 1 – computer build – middle of budget (identify all components) 1 – computer build – high end of budget (identify all components) List of items to turn in: Based on your scenario you will need to write a Memo addressed to the person/company requesting services.  This letter is to include the scope of the work requested, a complete breakdown of services and fees provided.  Include maintenance cost and annual fees. Spreadsheet to compare and contrast 3 computer systems PowerPoint outlining your scenario for class presentation – Include pictures of the parts for the systems and provide us with the best system for your scenario.  Explain to us why you chose that system and any upgrades or maintenance that will need to added and or maintained. You can choose the complete system and choose to upgrade some components. If so, provide cost for upgrades, include reasons for upgrades and any maintenance included and or added for those parts. Cite all sources – do not use your book as one of the sources.  Your data will need to be current data within the last 3 years. You will need to submit the following: Memo to person/company Spreadsheet of components of all three systems PowerPoint presentation – include slide or slides – given details of the system chosen and why If you choose to upgrade the complete system – include a separate spreadsheet to outline which parts are being upgraded and explain why

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