For this assignment, create a design for a secure messaging infrastructure. The solution must have the capability for both email and instant messaging. You can choose any system, server, client, and security appliance or software that you know about or can find information about from any appropriate source. Your design may be real or notional. It may include components that exist or that are only a figment of your imagination. The only rule about using any component is that you must explain how it contributes to the security of your email system and what, if any, drawbacks or limitations it has. Produce a Visio diagram of your logical infrastructure and a one page Executive Summary that explains the major components, their functions, and capabilities/limitations. Include protection against spam, spyware, and phishing emails in your infrastructure.

Files need to be in formats compatible with Microsoft Office products, so they can be easily viewed. Save your deliverables in individual files named CYBR515 Assignment 7_3a <put your name here> and CYBR515 Assignment 7_3b <put your name here>, and attach them to this assignment.

[Note: If you’re unfamiliar with the Executive Summary format, I suggest performing an Internet search on that term. There are may good examples.]

Again, please note that both files should be attached at the same time that you submit your assignment.

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