Please read “What to prescribe for Iowa’s eroding topsoil?” by Haley Hansen (2015): (Links to an external site.)

Iowa is one of the top states in terms of annual soil losses. According to Prof. Richard Cruse’s lecture “Our eroding soil base (Feb. 13, 2019), the rate of soil formation is about 0.5 ton per acre per year while current rate of soil loss in Iowa is around 5.8 tons per acre.

What do you think are the major causes of soil erosion in Iowa?

Based on lecture material, your textbook, and Internet research, suggest at least five measures that may help reduce soil erosion in Iowa.

Explain why these measures should work.

Please answer the questions (at least 250 words) and respond to at least three of your classmate’s posts.

Please use your critical thinking skills. Try to think outside of the box!

Please make sure to cite your sources.

Users must post before seeing replies.

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