Question Answers Possible Points Is the study population identified and   described? Are eligibility criteria specified? – – Study Population 5 Eligibility criteria 5 2. Dependent   variable 6 3. Independent   variable 6 What approach do the authors use to   establish content validity? Content validity is the “degree to which an   instrument has an appropriate sample of items for the construct being   measured and adequately covers the construct domain.” To ensure a   “content-valid” instrument, researchers should start with a conceptualization   of the construct. This can be based on: · First-hand   knowledge · Literature   review · Expert   consultations · Preliminary   qualitative studies 6 What type of sampling plan was used?   Would an alternative sampling plan have been preferable? Was the sampling   plan one that could be expected to yield a representative sample? – – Sampling plan. 5 Alternative sampling plan 2 Sampling plan yielding representative   sample 2 If sampling was stratified, was a useful   stratification variable selected? If a consecutive sample was used, was the   time period long enough to address seasonal or temporal variation? – – Stratification 1 Consecutive sampling 1 7. If cluster sampling was utilized, what were the clusters and   how was sampling done within clusters? 2 How were people recruited into the   sample? Does the method suggest potential biases? – – Recruitment 4 Potential biases 4 Did some factor other than the   sampling plan affect the representativeness of the sample? 5 Are possible sample biases or   weaknesses identified by the researchers themselves? 5 Are key characteristics of the sample   described (e. g., mean age, percent female)? If yes, please provide detailed information on sample characteristics. 12 Was the sample size justified on the   basis of a power analysis or other rationale? 5 13. What approach do the authors use to check   for internal reliability? 5 14. What approach do the authors use to   establish interrater reliability? 2 15. What approach do the authors use to   establish test-retest reliability? 2 16. What approach do the authors use to   establish discriminant validity? Discriminant   validity is “the ability to differentiate a construct from other similar   constructs.” 5 Does the sample support inferences   about external validity? To whom can the study results reasonably be   generalized? – – External validity 5 Generalizability 5

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