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Case Study I Brief: Determinants of Breweries

ECNS 309 | Fall 2019

For this assignment, assume you and your team members are consultants at a local firm that has been hired by a businessperson. Your team has been engaged to advise where the client should locate their newest investment opportunity, a craft brewery. You have been provided the following guidelines from your client:

– The location must be within the tri-state area of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.
– The location must be within a county with a population of 15,000 or greater.
– The service model must be a brewery serving craft beer with the option to grow into

canning and/or distributing to a wider geographic area.
– While the client is aware of regulations in this industry, please provide information on

potential roadblocks or hurdles they may encounter in each market.

Your firm has agreed to provide the following deliverable by 5:00 PM on Thursday, October 3, 2019:
An analysis detailing your recommendation as to the ranked top three locations for your client’s brewery. The analysis must include the following elements:

  1. A recommendation of the top three (3) most attractive locations for your client’s brewery at the county level.
  2. A historical overview of the craft brewery industry (note: do not limit this to just the tri- state area of interest).
  3. Statistical modeling of the determinants of brewery density for the tri-state area at the county level.

a) To include variables that your team identifies as potential predictors of the number of breweries in a given area. For example: demographic variables (e.g., population, household income, median age, etc.), a regulatory indicator variable (if applicable), measures of tourism, college/university indicator variables, etc.

4. An analysis of current density and a discussion of the impact of potential oversupply. b) To include data visualization (e.g., charts and/or graphs).

  1. An overview of applicable regulations for the recommended areas.
  2. A summary of the potential risks associated with the industry and/or recommended location-specific risks.

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