Topic: Cloud Security (based on content from Chapter 6 in Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture ) Overview: The diagram provided in the assignment rubric illustrates interaction between two cloud service consumers (A and B) and two virtual servers (A and B) hosted on a cloud. Based on the limited information provided in the depicted scenario, describe three types of attacks that could potentially be carried out if any of the programs outside of the cloud were malicious. Provide a brief explanation justifying the threat of each proposed attack . For each of the three types of attacks, please list and describe a potential cause . Please ensure you refer to the attached document for details on the requirements for this assignment! 2 ) Discussion: In your initial post, discuss the differences between Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Please find one organization that has recently adopted virtualization and summarize their reasons for taking this approach. What challenges did they face? minimum of 500 words.

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