Assignment 1: What Is Special About Special Education Research? Effective researchers in the field of special education are acutely aware of the challenges inherent in their investigations. Working with children with exceptionalities brings particularly important responsibilities. These responsibilities include careful attention to the treatment of subjects, validity, and the use of results. Furthermore, theories must be studied using a robust measurement of appropriate variables and a respective statistical analysis. For this Assignment, you will analyze the challenges facing special education research today as well as evaluate the role and importance of key research elements to the field of special education research. To prepare: · Review the required and additional Learning Resources for this module. Pay particular attention to the types of challenges facing the field of special education, research gaps in the literature, and how each may be addressed with valid measurement, theory, and study. · Consider the role and importance of the following in special education research: o Measurement o Theory o Variables o Statistical analysis methods Develop a 5–8 page paper to utilizing the following section headings: 1. Challenges to research practices in special education a. Explain the challenges posed to those who design, implement, and utilize the results of research in the field of special education. 2. The purpose of measurement in special education a. Explain the important role and purpose of measurement in supporting valid research in special education. 3. The role of theory and effective practice a. Explain the importance of a clearly articulated theory in providing a foundation from which to conduct research and identify effective practices. 4. Identification of variables a. Explain the importance of, and process for, identifying research variables. 5. Statistical methods used in special education a. Explain the role of specific methods of statistical analysis, and their importance in conducting valid research in special education. Support your position with specific references to and examples from the Learning Resources, outside peer reviewed research, and personal experience. Note: For this Assignment and all scholarly writing in this course and throughout your program, you will be required to use APA style (6th edition). Please use the Walden Writing Center as a resource as you complete assignments. Additionally, review the rubric for requirements for the use of APA style and citation. Points will be deducted for each submission if you do not strictly and accurately use correct APA citations each time you submit your work throughout the course. Learning Resources Note: To access this module’s required library resources, please click on the link to the Course Readings List, found in the Course Materials section of your Syllabus. Required Readings Florian, L. (Ed.). (2014). The SAGE handbook of special education (2nd ed.). London, England: Sage. Chapter 21, “A Disability Studies Frame for      Research Approaches in Special Education”(pp. 351–367) Focus on the promise of disability studies approach to      research, addressing policy and socio-cultural context, and disability      studies and transformative influence. O’Neill, R. E., McDonnell, J. J., Billingsley, F. F., & Jenson, W. R. (2011). Single case research designs in educational and community settings. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. Chapter 1, “Historical Background and      Development of Single Case Research” (pp. 1–13) Focus on the development of single case research as a valid      and reliable method in special education. Note: You will      use this reading for your work on your MA. Rumrill, P. D., Cook, B. G., & Wiley, A. L. (2011). Research in special education: Designs, methods, and applications . Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas. Chapter 1, “Introduction to      research in Special Education” (pp. 3–17) Focus on the elements of research…

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