In Week 10, you will submit a recorded PowerPoint presentation on a cultural event in which you participate. This final project allows faculty to evaluate how you integrate the various concepts related to diversity, human rights, and social justice. You will be expected to evaluate course content as you share aspects of your experience. This Week, you are asked to provide an updated on your progress. It is recommended that you to attend the event no later than Week 8 to prevent last minute challenges with this assignment, such as in the case when an event is cancelled. The event should be open to the public and be related to a diverse social identity. Places that may list cultural events, meetings, or experiences include your local or neighborhood newspaper, church bulletins, local colleges, primary schools, or your local library. Below are some possible ideas: (please list things surrounding Savannah, GA) Check your Office of Multicultural Affairs Town hall?meeting in another part of town Local churches Local training Local Agencies Identify local multicultural communities to see if there are any events Pride Event/Parade Contact a town visitor center Civic Committee If you have difficulty identifying a cultural event in your community, please contact your Instructor immediately. For this Week’s assignment, consider a short checklist of items to confirm you are prepared for this assignment. By Day 5 of Week 7 Submit your response to the following prompts: Identify the cultural event that you plan to experience to fulfill the requirements for the main project. What event have you identified? Where is the agency/activity that you plan to attend? When are you planning to attend the event/activity? What is the specific date and time? How does this activity/event differ from your own diverse experience? What challenges you foresee with completing this Project? What are you looking forward to as you complete this project? Have you reviewed the resources and practiced using Personal Capture to create a recorded PowerPoint presentation, so you are prepared to submit the presentation correctly (see Document: Kaltura Personal Capture – QuickStart Guide (PDF) in Required Resources)?

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