3-4 pages in APA format I have attached the instruction, rubric and the article

Article Review Instructions

One of the most important skills that we need to develop as educators and teacher leaders is the ability to read and discern current research that is being carried out in our field. Peer-reviewed journals represent the highest quality of research that is being conducted to help inform educators at all levels of the best practices in their content or field. When writing a journal article review the candidate will be asked to create a critical evaluation of literature that is relevant to his/her given field of study. These reviews should include summaries of the given information but should move beyond this to also include an analysis and comparison of the given information, and even the methods that were used to collect the information.

For each of your article reviews, you will be asked to select a peer-reviewed, scholarly work from an academic database related to reading in your content area. Your selection must reflect current research in the field and should be based on research conducted. Blogs, websites, “Idea Bank,” etc. are not acceptable choices for this review.

Examples of Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  • American Educational Research
  • Action in Teacher Education
  • Educational Researcher
  • Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy
  • Journal of Research in Reading
  • Reading Research Quarterly
  • Harvard Educational Review

Each review should be 3 – 4 pages, double spaced, and include an APA formatted title page and references. Your selected article must be current (no more than FIVE years old) and must relate specifically to content area strategies. Your journal critique should be organized to include the following key points:

  • Summary of the Article
  • Conclusions and Implications
  • Overall Assessment

Write a concise overview of the article. Include the purpose for the article, any research that may have been conducted and the methods used to do so, and any results from the study or other important information that the researcher may have collected or commented on relevant to our purposes.

Discuss the implications for the classroom the results of the study may have. Is the information that has been collected useful or practical? How does the information included specifically relate to the classroom? Highlight the benefits to the classroom, or changes that you might make personally because of the information found in the study. Be sure to link the findings with practical classroom application.

Give a short overall assessment of the article. Discuss any particular strengths or weaknesses within the study or in the writing. Did you agree with the major points of the article or were there any areas of particular concern? Was the article well written and easy to read, or was the information presented in a manner that made it difficult to understand or apply to an actual classroom?

All references must be cited in a correctly formatted APA References section. Your paper will also be evaluated for mechanics.

This assignment is due at 11:59 p.m. (ET) on the Sunday of the Module/Week that is assigned.

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