UNIV 104 article evaluation Assignment Doing   research is not for the faint of heart. It takes careful thought and   planning, diligence, and a detective’s mindset. Carefully review Chapter 8 in   your textbook before starting this assignment. Locate > evaluate > use This assignment will guide you through the steps of locating a credible source for a topic for a pretend paper. You will find an article, evaluate the article, and demonstrate that you can properly cite your article. You MUST use the Jerry Falwell Library for your research. Also, be sure to watch the videos that are integrated throughout the assignment as they will provide you with valuable information. All yellow boxes must be addressed, and don’t forget to sign your name at the bottom of the assignment. STEP 1: Preparing to Search Topic Selection Mark your topic selection with an “X” ? Time Management ?Learning Preferences ? Adult Learning Theory ?Academic Integrity Finding your Focus It is important to define your topic by determining your focus and selecting keywords to help narrow your search. Otherwise, you will end up with millions of possible articles. What specific aspect of this topic are you interested in researching? Ex.:  The topic of academic integrity can be narrowed   to avoiding plagiarism, integrity in the online classroom, or cheat sites. What are you hoping to find regarding    your topic? Determining   Keywords – VIDEO TUTORIAL List the three keywords or phrases that first come to mind to use as   search terms. Hint: The general term/phrase listed above should be included as one of   your five keywords List the keywords or phrases, separated by    commas. List four other synonyms or different phrases that you might also use in   your search. Consider using a thesaurus or finding keywords / phrases from the results   of your initial searches List    synonyms or additional phrasing, again separated by commas. STEP 2: Locating a Source Now that you have focused your topic and determined your possible search terms, it is time to locate and evaluate an article for your pretend research paper. Don’t forget to use the Jerry Falwell Library . Using the Library Databases – VIDEO TUTORIAL Find a Database to use · If you are familiar with the databases, choose one that is specific to   your topic. · If you are unfamiliar with the   databases, try using a general one like Academic   Search Complete or ProQuest Central Enter name of database used here Select one of your keywords and run a preliminary search. How many sources did your initial search return? Enter the number of results here STOP! Did you find thousands or millions of results? Even if your search only returned a couple thousand or a few hundred, that is too many to look through. You must work to narrow results to focus on the specific aspect of your topic. Your article must be relevant to your SPECIFIC topic; you don’t want just ANY article that mentions your broad topic. Narrowing and Using Filters – VIDEO TUTORIAL Each database offers various filters, usually on the left side of the   screen. Adjust the date options to the   last five years and check the box that returns full-text articles. Be sure to   set your search parameters to look for peer-reviewed articles only, not   e-books, newspapers, or videos. List all    filters and parameters that you used in your search Try out some Boolean Operators or Wildcards. Hint – find search tips   here . Describe    the tools that you used to limit your results It is usually necessary to alter search terms. Try out a few different   ones to see which is most efficient and relevant. List your most effective search terms here Continue to repeat your search, adjusting your search terms, tools, and   parameters until you get a manageable number of results. How many results did you have in your final, most narrowed search? Enter the    number of results from your FINAL search ~ Choose one relevant,   focused article to use in your pretend …

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