Need a 6 page paper in APA format.

Statement of the problem: While infrastructure is growing, it is getting challenging to maintain that huge infrastructure in production environments. Systems maintenance is getting more critical as applications and customers demand high availability and zero downtime. In any industry, maintaining production systems is increasingly critical as downtime could be costly and damage the reputation of the company. Manufacturing industries take critical care maintaining the machinery that could lead to catastrophic damage in production. As equipment and infrastructure is emerging, they are producing huge amounts of data sets which can be used as a datasource to Big Data and analyze the data and prevent outages in production environment.

Conclusion: The aim of this paper is to provide the use and application of Big Data analytics tools and techniques in production environment to reduce the systems outage, detect and prevent damage and help during maintenance.

If possible use below references:

Ray Y. Zhonga, Chen Xub, Chao Chenc and George Q. Huangd, “Big Data Analytics for Physical Internet-based intelligent manufacturing shop floors

Jens Baum, Christoph Laroque, Benjamin Oeser, Anders Skoogh, Mukund Subramaniyan, “Applications of Big Data analytics and Related Technologies in Maintenance—Literature-Based Research”

Lieberman Joshua, Leidner Alan, Percivall George, Ronsdorf Carsten, “Using big data analytics and IoT principles to keep an eye on underground infrastructure”

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