IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PAGE TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS. 1. Remember the importance of word and deed best fits in which category of defeater? 2. Humanist philosopher Luc Ferry observes that despite the web of meaning the late modern creates for himself, he is stil deeply frustrated because he can’t shake the feeling he is here for more than the acquisition of material possessions. 3. The coming-of-age narrative goes with which defeater? 4. According to the beliefs of expressive individualism, human flourishing occurs when we follow our heart. 5. Buddhism is a prime example of this take in the experiential response to the problem of evil. 6. Whenever someone suffers it is because they have committed a corresponding evil action. Which category does this statement fit in? 7. The chal enging part of discussing Christianity’s past abuses with slavery is that the Bible advocates a pro-slavery theology 8. The logical problem of evil relates to how people understand and deal with bad things that happen in their own lives. 9. Christians have long recognized that al sins have the same consequences. 10. Just follow your heart, a result of expressive individualism, best fits in which category of defeater? 11. The notion of eternal, other-centered love is part of the response to which defeater? 12. Eyewitness testimony and careful research are mentioned in response to which defeater? 13. The secular philosopher John Gray points out that it is not only religion that can go bad…any human activity has the potential for evil. 14. Even though naturalistic scientific reasoning proceeds by assuming only natural causes, it can actual y touch on the question of God. 15. The scientific method cannot account for which of the following? BUY MORE MATERIALS FOR THIS COURSE: APOL 220 Week 1 Quiz APOL 220 Week 2 Quiz APOL 220 Week 3 Quiz APOL 220 Week 4 Quiz APOL 220 Week 5 Quiz APOL 220 Week 6 Quiz APOL 220 Week 7 Quiz APOL 220 Week 8 Quiz

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