1. Identify your PICO or research question of interest
  2. Gather 5 research articles on your topic: be sure to save them and submit them along with the matrix; please make sure they are PDF documents
  3. Review sample matrices and summaries
  4. Use matrix table- one for each article and critique the parts of the article using the rubric
  5. Be sure to identify the evaluation tool used to grade the evidence such as Joanna Briggs Institute Checklists or CASP . There are other tools out there but these might be helpful to start with.
  6. Identify where there are issues with the articles and what gaps were not addressed with the research; be prepared this may change the way you look at your topic or may result in a slightly different direction for your area of interest. This is ok- that is what you want to accomplish with this assignment. It will really assist you as you move forward with your project.
  7. For this assignment you will turn in the matrix tables, summary, references and pdf copies of your 5 articles.
  8. My PICOT question:
  9. dentification Submission
    P-Population or subject
    My PICOT question:
    Is there any relationship between the decreases in the rate of falls in adult patients in hospital compared to increasing nursing staffing in past two years?

    5 peer review articles within 2 years of publication. Year start 2017-2019Attachment below for samples of the assignment. Please use the matrix table for the assignment.

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