1. Reflect on any ethical dilemmas uncovered during the scenario and describe how you might respond differently based on the situation. Provide evidence-based resources to support your response. -The ethical dilemma i uncovered was the nurse deciding to delegate an assistant personal to help transport the patient. Please provide a rational behind the importance of delegating an assistant personal to help. Provide a reference. 2. Describe an “Aha” moment you experienced during this learning experience and how it will expand your nursing care. – The aha moment would be using an mechanical lift to assist the patient to use the bathroom. You could talk about the fact that I would’ve just help walk the patient over to the bathroom with a transfer belt because that is something i have always done when ever dealing with a patient with C. diff or obese patient. 3. What are some aspects of client care that you didn’t feel prepared to make clinical decisions for in the scenario and/or after completing the nursing care plan? – I don’t really see any aspect of care i do not feel prepared after watching the video scenario. But you could talk about the fact that I do not know how to use a mechanical lift. You could talk about the fact that I am use to seeing a physical therapist assistant use the mechanical lift versus the nurse. And how I would not know the first thing to do if I had to actually use one on my own as a nurse. 4. Describe three to five important concepts you learned from the scenario, then describe how you will apply your knowledge of each concept to future client situations. Provide evidence-based resources to support your response. -Some important concepts i’ve heard was to verify the patient with a two step verification with every interaction to prevent medication error (provide reference on identifying the right patient before giving medication), The second concept was preventing falls (Provide references on the importance of  preventing falls withing the hospital), The third concept would be providing  therapeutic communication when a patient may be feeling down of depressed( The patient had a history of depression)-Provide references on the importance of therapeutic communication. Instructions- 1 page paper.  Make sure responses are substantial and include a reference page I have copied a link of the video to watch and write about. The video is about 20mins. long. Please provide a title and reference page. I provided my feedback on the video but please feel free to add anything else that may jump out to you about the video. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0_GSWIvHPqycygC0sJL4qJi1Q

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