Answer the question below base on the book

Ps : you will find the answer easily if you look at the book

What is science?

  1. · Describe the scientific process using hypothesis, experiment, evidence, theory.
  2. · Compare the difference between scientific theories and non-scientific ideas.
  3. · Provide two specific examples of how new evidence can alter or refute previously held theories. Be sure to identify the new pieces of evidence.

Maps, Charts, and Graphs

  1. · Define longitude and latitude
  2. · Define GPS coordinates.
  3. · Locate the five major oceans and seven continents on the globe.

Properties of water Segar (Links to an external site.) Ch. 5 89-93 (Links to an external site.) and Crictical Concepts 1 (Links to an external site.) p451-454

  1. · Explain how the shape of a water molecule: a) makes ice float; b) gives it a high boiling point c) allows it to dissolve ionic compounds (salts).
  2. · Calculate the amount of energy required to raise 500 mL of water by 75oC.
  3. · Define density.
  4. Explain how the density of water changes with temperature.

Properties of seawater Segar.: Ch. 5 (pp 85-105) (Links to an external site.) and Critical Concepts 1 and 6

  1. · Explain how the density of water changes with salinity (dissolved salts).
  2. · List the most 6 abundant elements or ions that are dissolved in water.
  3. · Define salinity and describe the processes that affect salinity in the surface ocean.
  4. · Describe how seawater temperature changes with latitude and with depth.
  5. · Explain what is responsible for the changes.

Earth as a System

  1. · Describe the major reservoirs and fluxes of the water cycle.
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