Each question I would like about a 250 word explanation please. Ideally one reference for each (can be the same one)

1. How can ADHD affect a child’s anger, defiance and rebellion issues? As a Christian how can one help others understand ADHD by using knowledge about brain (neurobiology) and the Bible?

2. How does Dr. Dobson’s teachings from his book, Strong-willed child, explain to parents’ ways to help children with anger, defiance, and rebellion issues? How can one help fellow church members understand ADHD with science and scripture?

3. As a Christian professional, how can we help those who live according to their own beliefs and the beliefs of society understand the true foundation of a Christian marriage?

4. Can you share a reason why people feel that a dysfunctional sexual life constitutes a reason to try something else outside of the will of God and in association to human nature? This has been the discussion of many counseling sessions in my day! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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