Please Answer these question based about these readings :1- Intro to Ocean Sci.: Ch. 12 (Links to an external site.) (pp 282-292, 298-304) and Critical Concepts 14 and 15 2- Intro to Ocean Sci.: Ch. 12 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (pp 293-297)

3- Intro to Ocean Sci.: Ch. 12 p. 287-288, 297-298 and Ch. 15 p. 410-416

Primary Production and Limiting Factors

· Name the macronutrients necessary for primary production.

· Distinguish between the major types of phytoplankton found in the ocean.

· Compare and contrast phytoplankton to zooplankton.

· Explain what a limiting factor is.

· Describe the limiting factor(s) to primary production in at low latitudes.

· Describe the limiting factor(s) to primary production in at mid-latitudes.

· Describe the limiting factor(s) to primary production in at high latitudes.

Coastal Upwelling

· Describe the physical process of upwelling of the U.S. West Coast. Include the directions of wind and water movement.

· Identify the characteristics that indicate areas of recent upwelling.

· Describe the significance of upwelling zones to large primary producers and large predators (e.g. tuna and marine mammals).

Seasonal Cycle

· Explain the major factors that determine seasonal changes on Earth.

· Describe how the seasonal changes affect the surface ocean.

· Other than temperature, explain how else Earth’s seasons change throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Food pyramids, food webs, ecosystems

· Arrange the following trophic levels in increasing order:

apex predator, primary producer, carnivore, primary consumer,

· Describe the important factors and processes necessary to maintain a sustainable, healthy ecosystem.

· Explain how nutrients are cycled within an ecosystem.

· Describe the relationship of trophic levels and biomass.

Marine Ecosystems

· For each ecosystem: High Latitude (Polar), Kelp Forests, Coral Reefs

  • Describe the physical conditions of each location
  • Compare the primary producers in each location
  • Explain the role of top predators in each location and how it contributes to the sustainability of the the ecosystem.

· Describe the different challenges in polar ecosystems. Explain the role that ice places in these ecosystems.

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