1.What are some of the myths related to entrepreneurship? List as many (board categories) as you know.

2. Products that are launched often times fail, what portion of new ventures, in your opinion change their product or business model in the first year, and why do you think that is?

3. What is the major difference between traditional product/ service development of the past, versus what we increasingly are trying to do in present times.

4. Please note an example of a sales channel of a product or service you are familiar with, or aware of, that gets its customers through certain strategies, keeps them engaged, and leverages them to grow their customer base further.

5. We discussed that an entrepreneurs main role in the early days of the venture to make desirable, feasible and viable business model. What tools can they typically use to do that. Explain how?

6.What are the main differences between customers headache problems and migraine problems. Please give an example.

7.What are some ways to ask your potential customer questions about yourself/your product/service/venture/ to garner necessary feedback? Moreover, what NOT to say?

8. What are some questions (list as many as you can) where you can rank yourself as an entrepreneur or your venture in order to evaluate its business models’ attractiveness?

9. Explain feasibility and impact- how can entrepreneurs assess both of these, in terms of where they stand, at any given time.

10. What would you change about this course (content, delivery, deliverables, timeline, etc)

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