Course name: Business Ethics

TEXTBOOK: Business Ethics Now, A.W. Ghillyer 5 edition. McGraw-Hill Publishers

Essay Questions – Answer all 4 questions.

Please answer the below 4 essay questions completely, and kindly make sure to deliver an original and high quality work, as this paper going to be checked by TurnitIn website for plagiarism. No specific paper limit is required, but it sopped to be not exceeded 4 pages for all the 4 essay questions.

  • Describe the three levels of Lawrence Kohlberg’s framework for ethical reasoning. Please discuss the validity or lack of validity of this model in terms of your own life experience.
  • Discuss the responsibility and potential ethical dilemmas associated with the Research and Development Department. Give examples from R & D that support your answer.
  • Discuss the difference between the instrumental approach (Friedman) and social contract/stakeholder approach (Freeman). Does the Taking/Sides article on page 21, by Joseph Hart, The New Capitalist, offer a third possibility to significantly embrace both social responsibility and maximizing profit? Why or Why not?
  • Would you leave your position with a company if you saw evidence of unethical business practices? Why or Why not? What factors would you consider in making that decision?

Also, I have attached the following:

1- Chapters Key point from Chapter 1 to 5 from the textbook Business Ethics Now, A.W. Ghillyer 5 edition. McGraw-Hill Publishers

2- Five articles from the textbook taking side clashing views in Business Ethics and Society. 15th edition.

Finally, this work must be done in less than 24 hours

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