Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

How can education help with disease prevention?

What is the impact of social and educational programs on the community? On the long-term care population? Provide examples.

Read and respond to thetwo discussion posts. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions.

  1. Education is really vital to helping prevent diseases. Being informed about possible diseases that could be prevented is key to living longer and having a better quality of life in general. Something that I think of when discussing education within the health care industry is the fact that many patients are not able to learn what some are teaching. I mean that we as health care professionals need to remember that some of our patients do not understand our jargon or lingo. They are not well versed on many things that we think should be understood. We also need to consider culture when teaching about diseases and prevention methods. Adults learn on a different level than say a child would. You have to cater your educational materials and even your information to best fit the audience. If you were educating a patient about cancer prevention who maybe lived in a rural community and wasn’t able to finish school after 8th grade. You might not want to give them brochures and statistics on smoking. You may want to have a conversation one on one and explain prevention. Culture is also a big barrier when it comes to health care in general so making sure to understand the culture of your patient audience is key to helping them not only understand but to actually put those ideas and plans into place that fits their lifestyle. I think another great idea when educating is to do a check up after the plan is put into place to ensure that works best for the patient. If not revise the plan and make it attainable and doable for each specific patient you are working with.

2. Education can help with disease prevention by utilizing promotion of health and prevention of disease. According to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/9626000/ the government, health professionals, and private organizations have made the primary prevention of disease a priority. Quality education is a major intervention by which prevention is realized. However, superior quality educational offerings entail significant pre-preparation via the development of clear and realistic teaching/learning plans, faculty knowledge of educational psychology, metacognition and cognitive processing, understanding of cultural diversity, incorporation of adult learning principles, the use of varied teaching/learning strategies, and astute application of program evaluation skills. Educators, like nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals, must work with people to mutually decipher their healthcare needs and plan educational experiences that learners can merge with their own life experiences and ethnocultural perspectives. In addition, educators should use health education materials that match learners’ literacy levels.

Without outcomes assessment as part of health promotion/disease prevention education programs, health educators are less likely to produce interventions that we can value and truly benefit. Optimally, education programs about health promotion/disease prevention should generate long-term critical thinking processes that produce positive health choices, behavioral change, and healthy life styles.

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