I need an annotated bibliography for the following instructions. I have added my paper from the Week 1 discussion that the instructions speak of. I have also attached the template for the annotated bibliography.


This week, you will create an Annotated Bibliography with 20 research sources.

I want to make sure you get started right away on gathering your research sources. This will start to give you a foundation for your projects this month and for your capstone project at the end of the program.

All of the sources in this paper will be Secondary Sources. There is a library video in the Week 1 lessons that show you how to set up your EBSCOhost folder and how to use the databases in the library.

“How do I even get started?”

Look at your thesis from the Week 1 discussion. What research questions do you have based on your audience, the client’s industry, the metropolitan area, etc. What are the social media habits of your audience? What do you need to know about them to reach them? What do you need to know about social media algorithms?

Here is a great article: How To Create An Annotated Bibliography.

I’ve also included a template to help with this.

Deliverable: An Annotated Bibliography delivered in a Word Document (use the provided template) with twenty (20) sources. Note: The sources need to connect to your campaign. Splash pages, home pages, Wikipedia, opinion blogs and the like will not be counted as a source with academic integrity.

I had to change the time due because of some technical issues.

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