There are two due dates for this task: Annotated bib is due in 28 hours and the paper is due exactly 24 hours after. I have attached the instructions below. Each module is included Your annotated bibliography: A few important things to know about this assignment: You are required to have 16 total articles: 2 per module. Those articles can be either 1 peer reviewed article and 1 professional article OR 2 peer reviewed articles. DO NOT copy and paste abstracts for this assignment. You must paraphrase as much of the information as possible. There is an example of how to complete an entry located within the instructions. Your final paper:  A few important things to know about this assignment: This is 10 pages and you are analyzing your own personal development through the modules. This is APA style writing and you must cite information that you use from the modules/articles. You must use a minimum of 4 articles from your annotated bibliography.

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