Leadership Journal PMIN 702: Advanced Ministry Administration Regent University Fall 2018 Table of Contents I. Emotional Health Check-Up II. Genogram – Looking Back in order to go Forward III. APEST Assessment IV. Leading out of Marriage or Singleness V. Establishing a Rule of Life VI. Principles of Rest – Sabbath Keeping VII. Making Plans and Decisions God’s Way VIII. Working with Teams IX. Understanding Power and Establishing Boundaries X. Endings and New Beginnings XI. Final Observations about Emotional Health and Leadership Section 1 Week #1 h- Emotional Health Check-Up “The emotionally unhealthy leader is someone who operates in a continuous state of emotional and spiritual deficit, lacking emotional maturity” and often substituting their “doing for God” in place of “being with God.” (Scazzero, EHL, 25) These leaders minister from an empty cup, rather than from an overflowing saucer. 1. Complete the assessment, “How Healthy Is Your Leadership?” Use the following scale: 5 = Always true of me 4 = Frequently true of me 3 = Occasionally true of me 2 = Rarely true of me 1 = Never true of me __5___   1. I take sufficient time to   experience and process difficult emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness. _____   2.  I am able to identify how issues from my family of origin impact my   relationships and leadership—both negatively and positively. ___5__   3. (If married): The way I spend my   time and energy reflects the value that my marriage—not ministry—is my first   priority as a leader. (If single): The way I spend my time and energy reflects the value that   living out a healthy singleness—not ministry—is my first priority as a   leader. __5___   4. (If married): I experience a direct connection between my oneness with Jesus   and oneness with my spouse. (If single): I experience a direct connection between my oneness   with Jesus and closeness with my friends and family. ___4__   5.  No matter how busy I am, I consistently practice the spiritual   disciplines of solitude and silence. __4___   6.  I regularly read Scripture and pray in order to enjoy communion with   God and not just in service of ministry tasks. ___1__   7.  I practice Sabbath—a weekly twenty-four-hour period in which I   stop my work, rest, and delight in God’s many gifts. __1___   8.  I view Sabbath as a spiritual discipline that is essential for both   my personal life and my leadership. ___5__   9. I take time to practice prayerful discernment when making ministry plans   and decisions. ___4__   10. I measure the success of planning   and decision-making primarily in terms of discerning and doing God’s will   (rather than exclusively by measures such as attendance growth, excellence in   programming, or expanded impact in the world). ___4__   11.  With those who report to me, I consistently devote a portion of my   supervision time to help them in their inner life with God and to accomplish   their ministry goals. __5___   12. I do not avoid difficult conversations with team members about their   performance or behavior. ___2__   13. I feel comfortable talking about the use of power in connection with my   role and that of others. ___5__   14. I have articulated and established healthy boundaries in relationships   that have overlapping roles (for example, with friends and family who are   also employees or key volunteers, etc.). ___4__   15.  Instead of avoiding endings and losses, I embrace them and see them   as a fundamental part of the way God works. __3___   16.  I am able to prayerfully and thoughtfully let go of initiatives,   volunteers, or programs when they aren’t working well, doing so with   compassion and right motives. Answer   the following questions: 1. What did you   learn about yourself from the assessment? I learned from this assessment that I am,   to an extent, an emotional healthy leader; I realized …

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