the 6-page Essay on Public Science Persuasion. Why is this important? Well, if science “works well” at the outer edges of its disciplines, between experts, the analysis of the public representation of science allows us to evaluate how well it constructs and contains the meaning of scientific inquiry for mass audiences, and hence for policy, funding, education, and cultural values. If science is perceived as embodying a lack of moral, pragmatic, aesthetic, or spiritual values then how can it rightly direct society’s future growth? It may be that scientists and the organizations they work for must learn to direct their understanding, not exclusively to expert objective audiences—as they are obligated in the Scientific Method—but subjectively, in the consideration of public values: political, aesthetic, ethical, philosophical, psychological, and even spiritual. In order to investigate this paradox, select CONTEMPORARY PUBLIC SCIENCE ARTIFACTS that interest you and analyze their UNDERLYING VALUES, BIASES, ASSUMPTIONS, AND/OR SPECIFIC MEANS OF PERSUASION in a 6page Essay on Public Science Persuasion. There is no limit to the type of questions that could interest us. The following are examples of the kind of artifacts that could be analyzed, but be confident in choosing those artifacts that will motivate you to do your best work: with the Claim:

Trumps tweets have negative physiological impacts on people who get their information on politics off social media.

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