Assignment discussion should be 4-5 pages total plus title and reference pages

Janis is a 35 year old woman of Italian-Irish descent. She was referred by her employer for testing positive for opiates and amphetamine on a random drug test at work. Janis presents as a markedly thin, gaunt woman, stylish in dress, with difficulty staying on task during your assessment, often asking you what you just said. She does admit to using stimulants to control her weight, “my doctor gave them to me to help me shed a few pounds” but denies using opiates. “The test was wrong but my boss won’t believe me. I did have some dental work done and got some pain killers, but I haven’t used them in weeks. Okay, so I’m a bit obsessed with my weight, but I’m getting older and its hard to get men to notice me with all the competition out there from those young skinny girls”. She also admits to “spending all my money on shopping and paying for those diet pills. I work hard, so why not!” During the session, Janis reveals that she has had 2 alcohol related DUIs in the past, “so I no longer drink and drive.” During your psychosocial assessment, you learn that Janis’ husband died of a heroin overdose 5 years ago. She doesn’t remember her parents, but does have nightmares of “2 drunk people beating on each other.” She was raised by her grandmother who she describes as, “a loving yet strict Irish-Catholic woman”.

Question One:
Considering the information in the course text and the DSM-5, which screening and assessment tools might you use for Janis. Briefly discuss what further information you would look for, to formulate a provisional diagnosis for Janis.

Question Two:
Create a brief initial treatment plan for Janis. What treatment approaches would you consider, that support your findings in Question One.

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