Humans  are art making creatures. From the evocative hunting depictions of our  ancient ancestors to modern dance, humans have reacted to their  environment by painting, singing, dancing, writing, and recording the  things they encounter. In this week’s assignment, you will be asked to  select an artifact to analyze. Make sure that you choose something that  really resonates with you, but also make sure that you would not mind  sharing it with the members of the class. Understand that this is an  academic workspace, and select an image, poem, or song that you would be  comfortable sending to the entire class. You are free to select any  object that is shareable electronically with your classmates. Evaluating a work of art requires some distance  from the piece. You will be asked to analyze the artifact that you  select and to describe why the piece was selected. Please choose  something that you would not mind others critiquing. For example, if you  select a painting that your sister painted, you might not want to have  someone write that they didn’t like the subject or style. Make sure that  you are comfortable with the piece being viewed and analyzed by other  members of the class. In this Assignment you  will identify and analyze an artifact of your choice. The resources used  in the Week 2 Notes and Readings are just a few of the options for  types of media you might select as meaningful to you. To prepare for the Assignment: Read the Reading Images and Texts document in this week’s Learning Resources . Select an artifact, something that is important to you or resonates  with you in some way. Make certain you have a way to share the artifact  electronically. You can save the website/link to the artifact if you  found it online or take a photo or scan the artifact. Use the Artifact Analysis Worksheet to evaluate your artifact. Use the Academic Writing Expectations (AWE) Checklist to guide your  writing for each question on the worksheet. Even when you are filling  in a worksheet, you should be considering the AWE guidelines. Assignment Directions: By Day 5 Submit the Artifact Analysis Worksheet.

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