Analysis of Ethical Dilemmas (FEAP 6a, 6b, 6c, 6e) Description: Problem solving is one of the most important skills that a teacher can develop. As a teacher you will be presented with many situations that require a quick decision. You will need to consider how you can avoid potential ethical violations while still supporting the needs of your students. You will analyze case study scenarios and apply the Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession of Florida and the Code of Ethics in written reflection format. Directions: You will be presented with a set of 20 scenarios that represent potential ethical conflicts. You need to describe what you would do in each situation by answering three general questions. The product is a report that answers the questions for each scenario and describes how you would react if you were faced with the decision to be made. 1. For each of the scenarios provided, answer the following questions: · Briefly discuss the purpose of Florida’s Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct as it relates to your major/discipline/program of study. · Determine if there is a potential violation of the Principles of Professional Conduct, and, if so, which principle(s) are at risk in this scenario and why? · Identify statutory grounds/procedures for disciplinary action, the penalties that can be imposed by the Educational Practices Commission against a certificate holder, and the appeals process available to the individual if applicable. · What would you actually say to the parties involved that shows that you are responsible, dependable, and concerned about your students? Or what precautions would you take to protect yourself and your students? (Write a scripted response or a procedure/strategy.) · In a scenario that requires you to respond verbally, assume that your first response is not “accepted” by the party involved’ and he/she tries to convince you to do what he/she wants you to do. What would you say next? (State what you think the person would say to convince you to do what he/she wants, and write your second scripted response.) 2. You are responsible for analyzing and writing about the odd numbered scenarios #1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19. We will discuss the even numbered scenarios in class. 3. Remember that this task will be scored. Although there are some activities in which it is acceptable for you to share work with other pre-service teachers; this one must be completed alone. 4. Use the following web pages to complete this assignment: The Code of Ethics and the Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession in Florida SCENARIOS 1 Money : As the band pre-service teacher, you are in charge of collecting monies from student sales of chocolate bars. The students are counting on this sale to go on a field trip. You are being asked to be responsible for about $ 1,000. What do you do? 1. Advice: One of your students shows up alone at your home and wants to discuss a situation from school. He claims that a gang is bullying him and he can’t tell at school or he’ll be attacked. He has several bruises. That’s why he came to your house. What do you do? 2. Alcohol: During an over-night field trip with students, one of the chaperones brings a cooler of alcoholic beverages to share after the students go to bed. You check the field manual, which does not mention alcohol, but you are not sure if you are responsible for the students after they go to sleep. You would sure like one glass of wine or bottle of beer. What do you do? 3. Rights: One of your students tells you that he/she is LGBTQ. The student confession conflicts with your own personal and religious beliefs, and makes you uncomfortable. The student wants to talk to you for guidance, because the student is having trouble “fitting in.” The student is crying. What do you do? 4. The Press : Your principal is running for superintendent and a loc…

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