Watch: Andy Kirk: Let’s have a think about data visualization thinking . (2015). PowerPoint: Analyzing and Visualizing Data Ch 5.pptx Analyzing and Visualizing Data Ch 5.pptx – Alternative Formats Videos:Chapter 5 video: Analyzing and Visualizing Data – Chapter 5.mp4 Link to video 1: Analyzing and Visualizing Data – Chapter 6.mp4 Link to video 2: Histogram Chart.mp4 Additional videos that may assist you: This week we focus on establishing your editorial thinking.  What does the author mean by editorial thinking?  Also, this week there was a video of Andy Kirk (2015) noting the key concepts of data visualization thinking.  Please pick one major concept from the video and note what was said and your thoughts about the topic. In response to peers, add to their thoughts on the video and their topi

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