Answer the following prompts for this discussion:

  • Share the results of the air quality in your city.
  • Investigate what the alternative transportation options are available in your city/state and share that information.
  • Discuss whether or not there is a bike/car sharing program in your city/state. If there is, share your perspectives on this approach. If not, recommend an alternative approach you would like to see implemented and support your answer with reasons why.
  • If the mayor in your state implemented incentives for reducing automobile pollution, would you give up using a car as much as you do currently? Why and/or why not?



  • Ratcliff (2017). Chapter 6 – Automobiles and Health
  • Douglas, M. J., Watkins, S. J., Gorman, D. R., & Higgins, M. (2011). Are cars the new tobacco? Journal of Public Health, 33(2), 160-169. doi:10.1093/pubmed/fdr032
  • Health Effects from Automobile Emissions from Washington State Department of Ecology.

400 words, APA format, 1 text citation, 1 article citation!

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