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This assignment will help you prepare for your final logic model project by helping you develop your final project by discussing your theory of change and some interaction with your instructor.

A theory of change explains how a program will produce the desired outcomes, based on established practices, theoretical frameworks, or other “accepted standards”. After viewing the YouTube clips including, what is a Logic Model, and What is a theory of change? (see Readings folder), identify the desired outcome for the program you will highlight in your logic model for the final project and explain the theory of change which supports why the program will achieve the desire outcome(s).

The explanation should follow the format of: if participants receive (type of program, intervention, services) then the result will be (change in behavior, skills, conditions, etc.) and what is the evidence and explanation that it will work (theories, models, research). You must cite some evidence-based model/framework – the reason why your selected program/intervention for the logic model will succeed – it can’t be just your opinion.

Submit your response by Sunday @ 11:59 PM EST.

Resources for Assignment:

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