Comparative analysis nurse practitioner in Florida vs California

1. Content 7 points

a. State Regulations (training, education, certification requirements) 2 points

b. Prescriptive Authority (interventions allowed by law, including required training, limitations) 2 points

c. State Healthcare Statistics Pertaining to Advanced Practice (MCR reimbursement rates, number of practicing APNs) 1.5 points (course syllabus changes with less requirements)

d. Influence on Daily Practice (need for collaborating/supervising physicians, level of care rendered, and limitations to practice settings) 1.5 points

2. Overall Organization, Grammar/Mechanics, Research component, (presentation well organized, creative and completed per APA format) (Total 3 points)

Guidelines for Comparative Analysis

The student will retrieve on-line the rules and regulations for advanced nurse practice and for prescriptive authority, from two (2) different states Florida and California

Students are expected to highlight the key differences and similarities in the regulations, prescriptive authority and certification process as well as discuss how this affects the daily practice of the APN and care provided to patient populations.

Be sure to discuss potential factors that drive the type of regulations present in selected states such as statistics of number of insured/uninsured individuals, Medicare/Medicaid coverage and reimbursement rates.

APA format is to be used and thus only scholarly and reputable sources are to be used and cited.

2 page paper

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