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topic: Preventing hospital readmission for patient 50 years and older with CHF

APN Project Paper (30% of final grade) (30 points)
This assignment will be a INDIVIDUAL project
APN Clinical Intervention Project
Purpose: To design an APN intervention that is consistent with the advanced practice role. Most projects will include the design of a major clinical program. This program can be an educational program or clinical service delivery project. For example, students may design such things including but not limited to a program for the primary care of patients with diabetes, a clinic program for educating parents and children about asthma, a weight loss program for adults including clinical and educational strategies, design for a new rural clinic, or development of an NP independent practice. The program must be more substantial than an intervention that includes, for example, only a brochure. Typically, you will not implement the project but you will develop a detailed proposal to do so.
This individual project is considered a major project. As such, it is expected that the project paper will be a minimum of 15-20 pages not including title page, reference page and appendices. A minimum of 12 scholarly references are required.APA format, include in-text citation

APA format is required with a professional project paper binding or notebook (Include ALL relevant materials in an appendix). APA errors and grammar/spelling errors will receive deductions over and above component scoring. A paper that is judged by the faculty as very poorly written (such things as incomplete sentences, multiple subject/verb errors, unclear wording, multiple spelling errors, and/or combination of these errors) may be returned for revision with an automatic deduction of 15 points that cannot be redeemed. Have someone proof read the paper after you have proof read—it can difficult to recognize your own errors.

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