1A. In part one of this discussion, provide your definition of the concept of organizational culture and explain the role that the organization’s culture plays in defining or shaping the organization.

1B. n part two of this discussion, use your current employer (or a past employer if you have no employer at the present time) as an example and provide an analysis/explanation of this organization’s culture through looking at its artifacts, beliefs, values, rules, norms and underlying assumptions. Tell us about each of these and then provide a summary that describes this culture based on these attributes. Look at this as a scientist would…step back and examine the “evidence” and then share your interpretation with the class.

2AIn part one of this discussion, you will consider means that organizations and their leaders use to adapt to the environment around them. Discuss how leaders use assumptions about and identification of organizational components such as mission, strategy, and goals to help build an organization’s culture.

2BIn part two of this discussion, identify tools of internal integration and discuss how these are used to help build and solidify the organization’s culture and how these are leveraged to help the organization’s assumptions regarding its relationship with the external world (see above) become reality.

3AIn part one of this discussion, define what a typology is and explain how typologies help in our understanding organizational culture. Provide at least two examples of typologies that you observe in the organization in which you presently work (or a previous organization).

3BIn part two of this discussion, using this knowledge as a base, discuss how your organization’s culture influences its choice of strategy as well as vision and goals. Explain the relationship between these and highlight typologies that play an important role.

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