Assignment: Adolescent Program Paper

In this week’s Discussion, you considered a specific subculture’s norms regarding female adolescent sexuality and considered the programmatic considerations these norms might create when applied to a pregnancy program. There are many additional topics besides pregnancy that also are relevant to a discussion of adolescent sexuality, such as the effect of alcohol on sexuality and sexual decision making, as well as the interrelationship between sexuality and self esteem. Many parents may have difficulty addressing such highly charged issues with their daughters due to embarrassment, lack of knowledge, or inability to find appropriate language to express their ideas.

For this week’s Assignment, consider these specific issues in the context of designing an educational program for parents of teen girls. Your local high school wants to initiate an education program to help parents talk to their daughters about the relationships between and among sex, alcohol use, and self-esteem. You have been asked to provide a 200-word program description that concisely details the program and a detailed outline of the curriculum for the four-week (meeting once a week) program. Refer to the Required Resources in this week for an example of a curriculum guide.

The Assignment (12–15 pages, including an annotated bibliography)

  • Provide a title for your program and a 200-word description of it, a detailed outline of the curriculum for the 4-week program, at least three resources for the teachers for each week, and an activity for the parents each week that will help them to understand your key issues.
  • For each of the resources you recommend, provide a 150-word description of the resource, including justification for its use in the program.

Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.

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