1.Provide a brief history of the company.

2. List the top management of the firm and note what experience and leadership skills the execu­tives bring to the firm. If it is a larger conglomer­ate, list both the corporate and business managers.

3. What is the principal business model of the firm? (How does the firm make most of its profits?)

4. Search for a vision, mission statement, and state­ment of values for your chosen firm. Note that not all organizations publish these statements, so you may need to make inferences from the avail­able information. Relevant information is often available at the firm’s website (though it may take some searching) or is contained in its annual reports. You may also interview a manager of the firm or contact investor relations. You may also be able to compare the official statement with the business press coverage of the firm.

5. Are any changes taking place in the macroenvironment that might have a positive or negative impact on the industry in which your company is based? Apply the PESTEL framework to identify which factors may be the most important in your industry. What will be the effect on your industry?

6. Apply the five forces model to your industry. What does this model tell you about the nature of competition in the industry?

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