Create the requirements definition documents, including the information package, for the case study. The requirements document should include the following elements: Introduction. State the purpose and scope of the project. Include broad project justification. Provide an executive summary of each subsequent section. General requirements descriptions. Describe the source systems reviewed. Include interview summaries. Broadly state what types of information requirements are needed in the data warehouse. Specific requirements. Include details of source data needed. List the data transformation and storage requirements. Describe the types of information delivery methods needed by the users. Information package. Provide as much detail as possible for each information package. Include in the form of information package diagrams. (see attached examples) Other requirements. Cover miscellaneous requirements such as data extract frequencies, data loading methods, and locations to which information must be delivered. User expectations. State the expectations in terms of problems and opportunities. Indicate how the users expect to use the data warehouse. User participation and sign-off. List the tasks and activities in which the users are expected to participate throughout the development life cycle. General implementation plan. At this stage, give a high-level plan for implementation. Item 4, the information package, is the most important part. In the information package, include the subject, the dimensions, and the facts. Under each dimension column, include the attributes needed for the analysis. Not all the data in the transactional database system, WebCampus, will be needed in the data warehouse. But, remember to include all the attributes mentioned in the Week One case study. The column headings in the data tables in the Excel worksheets in the case study provide examples of the data attributes. Attached are examples of information packages. The information package can be produced in MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, whichever is easiest for you. The rest of the requirements document should 1 – 2 pages in MS Word.

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